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Friday, March 27, 2015

Tunisian Stitch Belt {Free Crochet Pattern}

Crochet belts are very pretty. Like most crochet projects, they can be made in a variety of stitches and sizes.

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For this belt, I chose a Tunisian stitch for a couple of reasons. First, it is a great project for practicing the Tunisian stitch, and it is small enough so that you don't need a special crochet hook. Second, the Tunisian stitch produces a sturdy fabric that is perfect for a belt.

Tunisian Stitch Belt

size G crochet hook
2 1-inch D rings
Worsted weight yarn (I used 100% cotton yarn in the same lavender that I used in the Toddler Skirt)

Special Instructions:
Tunisian Stitch: (on a sc foundation)
Insert hook in the first sc, draw up a loop, keeping loop on hook, continue to insert hook in each sc and draw up a loop for each, DO NOT TURN. 
Work the return- Yo and draw through the first loop on the hook. This loop will drop from the hook. Yo and draw through 2 loops. Continue yo and draw through 2 loops until there is 1 loop left on the hook. DO NOT TURN. 
Work the next row- Skip the first stitch and insert hook right to left under the first vertical strand of the next stitch of the row below, and draw up a loop. Continue to draw up a loop in this manner for each stitch across. 
Work the return as above.

Join yarn to one corner of the D ring with a sl st and sc 25 around ring. Join to first sc with sl st.
Ch 1, sl st to second D ring and sc 25 around. Join to first sc with sl st.
*tip: make sure you start and end in the corner of the D ring.
Ch 1, place D rings together, working on the flat side of the rings, and working in the back loop only of the front ring and the front loop only of the back ring, sc 6. Turn.
Ch 1, sc 6. Do Not Turn.

Now, work the Tunisian Stitch to desired length. Do not finish off.
Now that you have the length you want, do not turn.
Working in the front vertical stitches, sc across. Turn. (6)

Ch 1 sc (normally) across. Turn. (6)
Ch 1, sc2tog, sc 4. Turn. (5) 
Ch 1, sc2tog, sc 3. Turn. (4) 
Ch 1, sc2tog, sc 2. Turn. (3) 
Ch 1, sc2tog, sc 1. Turn. (2) 
Ch 1, sc2tog. Turn. (1) 
Ch 1, sc, finish off and weave in ends.

The Tunisian stitch belt goes great with the toddler skirt that I made! 

Happy Crocheting!

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