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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hat and Headband Size Chart {Free Printable}

Do you like making hats and headbands? I know I do!
I also know how frustrating it can be to wind up making the wrong sized hat.
Not fun.
If you are "winging it" or trying to re-size a pattern to the size you want, it will be helpful to know what the measurement of your finished product should be.
You start by knowing the approximate head size of your intended recipient. Can't measure your neighbor's cousin's granddaughter's head because she lives across the country? No worries, as long as you know about how old she is. This hat and headband size chart shows the approximate measurements for different ages, as well.

Keep in mind that yarn is stretchy. Typically, a hat or headband is made slightly smaller than the circumference (measurement around) of one's head.
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Hat and Headband Size Chart

Head Circumference
Hat or Headband Circumference

Hat Height
(2-3 lbs)
10-11¼ inches/
25-28 centimeters
8½-10 inches/
22-25 centimeters
4 inches/
10 centimeters
(4-5 lbs)
11½-12½ inches/
28-33 centimeters
9-11½ inches/
23-28 centimeters
4-4½ inches/
10-11 centimeters
(5 ½-6 lbs)
12½-13 inches/
31-33 centimeters
11-12 inches/
28-33 centimeters
5-5½ inches/
13-15 centimeters
13 inches/
33 centimeters
11½-12½  inches/
29-32 centimeters
5½-6 inches/
14-15 centimeters
(0-3 months)
14-15 inches/
36-38 centimeters
13-13½ inches/
33-34 centimeters
6-6½ inches/
(3-6 months)
15-17 inches/
38-43 centimeters
13½-15½ inches/
34-39 centimeters
6½-7 inches/
15-18 centimeters
(6-12 months)
16-18 inches/
41-46 centimeters
14½-16½ inches/
37-42 centimeters
7½-8 inches/
19-20 centimeters
(1-3 years)
18-20 inches/
46-51 centimeters
16½-18½  inches/
42-47 centimeters
8 inches/
20 centimeters
19-20½ inches/
48-51 centimeters
17½-19 inches/
44-48 centimeters
8½ inches/
22 centimeters
20½-22 inches/
53-56 centimeters
19-20½ inches/
48-52 centimeters
9-10 inches/
23-25 centimeters
Adult Woman
21½-22½ inches/
54-57 centimeters
20-21½ inches/
51-55 centimeters
11 inches/
28 centimeters
Adult Man
23-24 inches/
58-61 centimeters
21½-23 inches/
55-58 centimeters
11-11½ inches/
28-29 centimeters

Happy Crocheting!
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