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Friday, February 6, 2015

Granny Stripes Color-Burst Blanket {Free Crochet Pattern}

This is a fun and colorful blanket that I made for my daughter. 
Granny stripes are easy to make and when you work different colors into your piece, the effect is stunning. The final product looks like it is much more difficult than it is.
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 What makes this granny stripes blanket unique is the color pattern. The colors just seem to fade into one another in a vibrant sort of way. You can use any three colors you want, and you will still get the same exquisite effect.
My finished blanket measures 50x50 inches. If you wish to make a different size, simply adjust your beginning chain to measure to the width that you want. Just be sure to use multiples of 3, plus 2 chains. Then, you can keep working the pattern until you get to your desired length.

Granny Stripes Color-Burst Blanket

Size H Crochet Hooks
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
Color A: Shocking Pink , 3 skeins
Color B: Pumpkin, 2 skeins
Color C: Bright Yellow, 2 skeins

Basic Crochet Granny Stripe Instructions:
(SC= Single Crochet, DC=Double Crochet)
Chain: Work desired number of chains. You will need a multiple of three, plus 2 chains.
Foundation Row: SC on second chain from hook, and in each chain across. Turn.
First Row: Chain 3 (this counts as a DC), DC in first SC. [skip 2 SC, 3DC in next SC] to end. Turn. (You will have 2 DC stitches + however many DC clusters you planned with your chain size.)
Second Row: Chain 3 (this counts as a DC), DC in first stitch. [3DC into next space between the DC clusters], repeat across to last space. 2 DC in last space and then 1 DC into the third stitch of chain 3 from the previous row.
Remaining Rows: You will repeat the second row, throughout.

Using Color A, chain 182
Row 1: Work "Foundation Row" (as above).
Row 2: Chain 3, DC in each SC across. Turn.
Row 3: Chain 1, SC in each DC across. Turn.
Row 4: Work "First Row" (as above). This will count as the first row in the color pattern for the first time you complete the color cycle only).
Rows 5-33: Work "Second Row" (as above). You will follow the color pattern (below), switching colors when necessary.
Rows 34-64: Continue working "Second Row", repeating the color pattern.
Rows 65-95: Continue and repeat color pattern.
Rows 96-126:  Continue and repeat color pattern.

Using Color A:
Row 127: Chain 1, SC across. Turn.
Row 128: Chain 3 , DC in each SC across. Turn.
Row 129: Chain 1, SC in each DC across. Turn.
Row 130: Chain 1, SC in each DC across. Do not turn.
Chain 1, and SC evenly up the side.
Chain 1, and SC across the back side of the foundation chain
Chain 1, and SC evenly down the other side.
Chain 3, and DC across the bottom.
Chain 3, and DC up the side.
Chain 3, and DC across the top.
Chain 3, and DC down the other side.
Finish off and weave in ends.


I added an additional AAA at the very end, to make the bottom of the blanket look like the top. :-)

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Oh I'm going to start this weekend! I'm thinking different shades of purples, lilac, lavender, with a punch of sunflower yellow! Sort of like a tropical sunset. It will be for my latest great-niece! The instructions seem so simple to follow, as yours always are! Thank you again.

  2. Ooh! Your color combo sounds like it will be sooo pretty! I'd love to see it when you get it going and when you are finished. Please feel free to post a pic on my facebook page. :)
    You can post your work in progress on wip weekends, if you like. :)

  3. I am anxious to start making this. If I bought varying shades of one color.(Lt. Blue,medium blue,darker blue,would that look ok with this pattern. Or should I throw in one different color in for contrast? I am awful with putting colors together.

  4. I love blue, so my first thought is that it would be beautiful! lol Plus, I think that a light blue would be enough to break it up a bit.
    If you look at Ravelry's Project Gallery photos for this blanket, you can see how others changed up the colors. There are a couple of them with blue in them. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/granny-stripes-color-burst-blanket/people

    When you finish the blanket, I would love for you to share a pic on our Facebook page. :)

  5. I made this about 2 years ago. It was a long project to me but I did it when I didn't have anything else to do and finally it was ready and it looks really nice! I used light green, white and light brown. Now I'm thinking to make another one but it's so difficult to choose colors :D I like the combination of pink and green but i wonder if it's boring to use green again(even though green is my favourite one). But we'll see, we have a long autumn and winter ahead and anything can happen!

    Greetings from Finland! :)

    1. I love pink and green together, and I don't think it would be boring at all, especially if green is your favorite color. :)
      Your color choices for your first blanket sound very pretty, too.
      I'd love for you to share a photo on our Facebook page! :)

  6. Ooooohh, this is funky! The stripes are so much fun. Super bright and cheery, which I love.

  7. Have been wanting to try this pattern for a while and now FINALLY got your pattern. I have so many WIP's right now. BUT am going to start this one with my leftover stash. Thanks for the pattern.

  8. Am wondering if a varagated yarn (purples and greens) would work well with this pattern.


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