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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Crochet Hook Styles

We all know that finding a nice comfortable grip is important when we crochet, but how much have you thought about the style of the hook you use? Whether you grip your hook over-handed (as if you are cutting with a knife) or under-handed (as if you are writing with a pencil), finding just the right hook style can optimize your crocheting comfort. The right hook style can lessen or prevent hand fatigue when crocheting. If you have arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome, a good hook style can allow you to crochet longer and more comfortably.

Today, I am going to highlight four different types of crochet hooks, as well as a set of comfort grips. Each one has a slightly different feel. I encourage you to try out different styles, if possible, to find the one that benefits you most. Do you have friends who crochet? Perhaps you can exchange hooks, so that you can try them out before buying. Alternatively, when buying a new style of hook, make sure you are comfortable with the store's return policy. If it doesn't work for you, you may be able to return it.

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1. Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Set in Pouch Sizes F, G, H, I, J, K- These are simple, standard crochet hooks. They are made out of lightweight aluminum. Their in line head helps reduce wrist motion for fatigue free crocheting, while maintaining a consistent gauge.

2. Comfort Grip Crochet Hook 10/Pkg - Assorted Colors (one color per package)- These comfort grips fit on your standard crochet hooks. The grips reduce hand stress and prevent slipping.

3. Susan Bates Red Heart Crystallites Acrylic Crochet Hook Set, Size G/H/I/J/K- These simple crochet hooks are made of plastic, so they are perfect if you will be crocheting on a plane trip. They are lightweight and some crocheters experience less slipping with them. Like the aluminum ones, previously mentioned, the in line head helps to reduce wrist motion to cut down on fatigue. I understand that the smaller sized plastic hooks (G and smaller) tend to have some give to them, making it difficult to keep tight stitches. I would recommend these hooks for the larger sizes.

4. BLUBOON(TM) 20 Sizes Carbonized Bamboo Crochet Hooks-These hooks are made of aged bamboo. They are "green" hooks, which are produced without the use of chemicals. Their natural grip, and a slightly tapered head makes for ease of flow in your work.

5. Crochet Hooks & Needle Case Organizer | Premium Quality 11 pcs Ergonomic Hooks Soft Grip Crochet Kit - These are high quality soft grip ergonomic crochet hooks. The smooth, light feel makes them extremely comfortable for someone who likes to crochet for hours. The ergonomic grip helps lessen the pain for arthritis sufferers who enjoy crocheting for long periods of time. These hooks are highly rated, and have a satisfaction guarantee. The kit even comes with a super cute hook case!

Happy Crocheting!
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  1. I started crocheting with the #1 Susan Bates aluminum. Last spring when first found your other site, I tried one with the grip as I was crocheting 6hrs daily or more. I recently ordered the ones with a light and the grip! I love them so even more eager to make more of your patterns. Will chk out ur Amazon shop as I'd like a few more n nbrs are looking to buy also! Ty for generosity! : )


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