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Monday, February 2, 2015

Child Sized Leg Warmers {Free Crochet Pattern}

Leg warmers are such a fun winter accessory. You can make them in various colors to match any outfit, and little girls just love to wear them!
I created these leg warmers for my girls a couple of years ago. Looking back at the pattern, I am remembering how much fun they were. I am thinking I need to make some more!
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The pattern is not terribly difficult. There was a bit of confusion with my wording when I originally posted this pattern, so I have revised it a bit. I am confident that this will clear things up. 

The Leg Warmers are each worked all in one piece. The ribbing is worked in a strip that will be joined (when complete) to form a loop. You will then work along the edge, to form the body (tube part) of the leg warmer. The bottom edging is worked similar to the top, but it is joined to the body as you work.

I have been asked, several times, about adjusting the sizing. I haven't written new patterns for different sizes, but you can easily make the adjustments yourself. Simply measure around the leg, and make your ribbing, adjusting the length to that size. Measure down the leg, and adjust the number of rows in the body to fit the length you need. Just be sure to write down your adjustments, so that it is easier to make the second one. 

Crocheted Leg Warmers (Child sized)

Size G and H Crochet Hooks
Worsted Weight Yarn: I used approx. 1/2 skein of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn-  Honeydew
(I made another pair- this time using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn- Bonbon)

ch= chain
sc= single crochet
hdc= half double crochet
sl st= slip stitch
BLO= back loop only

Pattern: (Make two)

Top Ribbing:
Working with the smaller hook (G), ch 7
Row 1: sc in second ch from hook, and in each across. Turn. (6 sc)
Row 2: ch 1, sc BLO across. Turn. (6 sc)
Rows 3-32: repeat row 2.
Join: ch 1, and fold to meet the foundation chain. sl st through BLO of the sc and the stitch on the back side of the foundation ch. sl st across, so that you have a circle.

Switch to larger hook (H).
Round 1: Working around the edge, sc 33 evenly spaced, all the way around the bottom of the edging. Do not join.
Round 2: hdc in first sc. Mark this first stitch. hdc in each sc around. (33 hdc)
Round 3: hdc in first hdc. Mark this first stitch. hdc in each hdc around. (33 hdc)
Rounds 4- 27: repeat round 3.
Round 28: sc in each hdc around. (33 sc)

Bottom Ribbing:
Working with smaller hook (G), sl st into next sc, ch 7.
Row 1: sc in second ch from hook (working toward the body), and in each across. (6 sc) sl st in the next 2 sc of the body piece. Turn.

Row 2: sc BLO in each sc of ribbing across (working away from the body). Turn. (6 sc)
Row 3: ch 1, sc BLO across (working toward the body), sl st in next 2 sc of the body. Turn (6 sc)
Rows 4-31: repeat rows 2 and 3.
Row 32: repeat row 2.
Row 33: ch 1, sc BLO across (working toward the body).
Join: ch 1, and meeting the foundation chain, sl st through BLO of the sc and the stitch on the back side of the foundation ch. sl st across.

Finish off and weave in ends. Turn to right side.

Happy Crocheting!

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